About Us

Unforgettable Storm Chasing Experiences

Welcome to Dark Sky Adventures! We are an adventure tour company that focuses on storm chasing and tornado hunting. Our main focus is providing great and safe experiences for everyone who wants to appreciate nature up close. We are booking our 2024 tour dates.

If you're looking for an incredible adventure, then ...

Get Up Close and Personal With Our Tornado & Storm Tours

Our small-group tours are specifically designed to ensure you get the most out of the journey, while offering flexibility for individual guests. We understand that you want to see a real tornado up close and personal, but you also want to know and understand what you’re looking for in the forecast, know how to ...

  • Expert Guidance
  • Small Groups
  • Safety Priority
  • Weather Insights
  • Nature's Fury
  • Raw Power

Storm Talk: Let's Chase Your Questions Away

Ready to embark on a thrilling storm-chasing adventure or curious about our tours? We're here to help! Share your thoughts, queries, or stormy ideas with us, and we'll make sure your journey starts on the right path. Feel free to reach out; we're eager to chase your curiosity away!